The Client as Colleague

I want you to see yourself as a colleague in the therapeutic journey with me. In our work together, you bring your need, your pain, and your desire and potential for healing and growth. I bring my care, my knowledge and skills, and my experience.

Treatment for Trauma

Trauma can be expressed in a variety of physical and/or emotional symptoms. I have a strong interest in helping clients resolve trauma and I continue to expand my knowledge in the treatment of attachment injuries. I have trained in EMDR ( and SRT (

Systemic Theoretical Orientation to Therapy

“No man is an island…” (John Donne). Human beings are not isolated from one another. They are inter-connected. When we struggle in interpersonal relationships we may begin to suffer emotionally and even physically. Some hurts are best resolved through couple and/or family counseling.

I have trained in a blend of a structural (Minuchin) approach and an experiential (Satir) approach to family therapy.

The Spiritual Dimension

The spiritual dimension is not separate from any other dimension of the healing task. I find that it is often important to encourage my clients to share their negative and positive religious experiences and feelings.  Sometimes, I raise these issues myself. However, I will not pressure you if you feel uncomfortable discussing spiritual matters.

An Integrated Approach

Human beings can experience hurts in different areas of their lives.

With an educational background and work experience based in various disciplines, I endeavor to assist individuals, couples, and families to achieve their optimal emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health and well-being.